Public Health Impact of Healthy and Successful Aging Conference

Pubic Health Impact of Healthy and Successful Aging

August 13-14, 2012
Mandel Center for Non-Profit Organizations – Case Western Reserve University
A meeting of peers hosted by the 
Department of Sociology at Case Western Reserve University in collaboration with the University of Georgia and the Elderly Care Research Center at Case Western Reserve University.

Conference Program

Conference Program & Participants

Conference Presentations

Conference Presentation 1: Defining Successful Aging – A Tangible or Elusive Concept?
Conference Presentation 2: Social Structure & Successful Aging Rethinking Disengagement
Conference Presentation 3: Measuring Up Success
Conference Presentation 4: Interventions for Successful Aging – Interdisciplinary Viewpoints
Conference Presentation 5: Opportunity Structures and Personal Agency – The Social Regulation of Healthy and Successful Aging
Conference Presentation 6: Insights from Healthy Agers in Hawaii and Okinawa
Conference Summary: Top 10 Ideas on Successful Aging



4 responses to “Conferences

  1. I am interested in joining your discussion. I am a Assistant Professor at Savannah State University in Savannah, GA
    Linda Samuel, PhD, MSW

    • Linda: Do look at all five papers and provide us with your comments. More specifically, we are interested in your input on the application or comprehensiveness of the ideas in the five papers in special populations. Once you provide your input, one of us will get back to continue the discussion. Lennie

  2. Hi everyone,
    I am a PhD student in Australia. I am undertaking a series of studies on successful ageing. My first year and a half was spent reading all of your work late into the night, so I am very familiar with the “Gordian Knot” which is successful ageing (Pruchno, 2012:)). The concept of successful ageing is most definitely multidimensional. All the large scale systematic review in the area suggest that researchers collectively, as well as older adults conceptualize successful ageing as a positive outcome encompassing physical, psychological, cognitive, and social domains. Certainly, such abstract ideas as spirituality, vitality and the like are involved also. Given the demographic shift we are currently experiencing, I am happy to be involved in disentangling the extremely useful concept which is successful ageing. Looking forward to engaging with everyone here. Dave Geard (PhD Candidate, CQU)

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